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The Wellbeing Movement has been fortunate to see the birth of many initiatives when community members come together to connect and listen to one another and sense and seize possibilities.


We at the Wellbeing Movement also feel immense gratitude to be associated with like-minded allies and partners who have been a part of our communities and who have led initiatives that further the cause of wellbeing in the world. 

This page captures more information about many initiatives that resonate with our values and mission. We are sharing them in the spirit of helping seekers discover more ways to deepen their wellbeing journey.

A Wellbeing Movement Project

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Well@Work Lab

Well@Work Lab believes that transformation begins with oneself, before reaching out to others. We aim to nurture leaders at various levels and create an environment where employees and organisations can thrive, flourish, be productive. We provide spaces, processes, resources to increase alignment of the individual’s values, purpose, and behaviour with their organisation’s lived values, leadership, and culture. 

An Allied Project

Seeds Of  Wellbeing offers various programs related to mind and body. The programs offered by Seeds of Wellbeing enable participants to…



  • Move deeper within the old layers of conditioning

  • Learn to declutter

  • Rediscover hidden aspects of SELF

  • Make new and healthier choices

  • Have the courage to take actions and experience the new you

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An Allied Project

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Transform Self & Transform Relationships is a 14-hour workshop that brings about a shift in the way you perceive and experience your life, your work, and the world that you live in. It helps you to focus your attention on subtle facets of your life. In this journey, you begin to see new possibilities for positive action that you can undertake. As a result, you reduce the level of conflict in your life and enhance fulfilment and satisfaction in your relationships. This workshop runs on a gift economy model.

An Allied Project

Taking Up Space is a 10-hour learning experience, which offers a guided, reflective safe space to:

  • explore different identities of self

  • activate an understanding of gender consciousness

  • identify what are some of the areas of our life which have pain and a sense of injustice

  • understand how one can restore themselves, and reconcile to operate with the sense of a whole being open to possibilities and experiences. 

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An Allied Project

Purple LC-01_edited_edited.png

Living Consciouslyy is an organisation inspired to ensure emotional healthcare, spiritual and personal growth opportunities for everyone. We are ensuring an intersection of science, spirituality, and healing in our approach. We are a space for people who want to live their lives consciously and are open for authentic connection together exploring what it means to be a human being.

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