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We are so happy you are interested in getting involved with our work here at The Wellbeing Movement. There are so many ways for you to participate and contribute, and we encourage you to choose the one that best suits you.


There are multiple opportunities to learn under The Wellbeing Movement. These opportunities cover learning spaces and circles. They are offered by diverse professionals and practitioners. We request you to read more about the diverse platforms here.



One of the best way to cultivate a wellbeing practice is to join a community interested in similar focus areas. Depending on the enthusiasm of participants and availability of coordinators, we set up ongoing thematic communities or  short-term practice challenges to enable shared practice.

Coral Reef Island


We believe enabling wellbeing for all requires multiple diverse practitioners, organizations and collectives to work together. In this direction, we want to create an ecosystem of collaborators who are keen on enhancing personal, societal or planetary wellbeing. If you share our intentions, do reach out to us.

Bee on a Daisy


We envision Wellbeing Movement to be a platform for wellbeing by the community, for the community. We want to build a group of voluntary contributors who care about wellbeing and want to contribute to this community in big and small ways. It will enable us to take this work to many more people.


Many of the insights, skills, practices and connections that participants receive in this community are priceless! We rely on finding open-source, in-kind support as much as possible for the platforms in this community. However, there are some expenses that are inevitable, including people, events, technology and administrative costs, and would require your generosity.  Even a donation as little as Rs.250 matters! 

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