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A Time for Renewal

Rhythms and cycles are a consistent feature of nature - nights follow days, winters follow summers and death follows life. Often, nights, winters or death are seen with negative connotations. However, they just are. In fact, they are essential for renewal and balance in ecosystems. The Wellbeing Movement learns many things from nature (see our principles), and this is another principle we wish to embrace.

Like nature, we are not in a hurry to accomplish. We want to be mindful of not falling into the rut of doing, without tending to our being. We wish to create the time and space for our renewal.

After two years of continuously serving the community and seeing its spaces becoming a source of learning, connection and support to many, we wish to take a two-month-long pause in May and June 2022. In this window, we will not hold our external-facing offerings - like the Nurturing Zone, the Identity Circle, Meet-ups, etc.

You may wonder what renewal looks like. We will use this time to reflect on the Wellbeing Movement's journey, listen to the community and its contributors, and co-evolve the way forward. If you wish to make your voice heard, you can find me on the Personal Wellbeing Community and drop me a note or email me.

We will also bring together a group of engaged participants in a two-day long retreat, that is focused on connection and co-evolution! As a team of co-initiators, we also intend to reflect on our ways of being, relating, thinking, collaborating and acting.

Like nothing comes to standstill in the ecosystem unless it is dead, there will continue to be offerings by our allies (you can learn more about them in the Personal Wellbeing Spaces - Broadcast group). You can also continue reaching out with questions, reflections and resources on the Personal Wellbeing Community or sign up to the Wellbeing Coaching Circles for contextualized support.

Thank you for nourishing the movement with your time, attention, initiative and care. We will see you in July with a 21-day Practice focused on creating a positivity portfolio.

Stay well. Be safe.


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