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We see wellbeing as a journey that could have multiple entry points. Our goal is to keep people in the journey for as long as possible so they experience the benefits of wellbeing.

We want to weave together thriving, interdependent communities where people can offer and receive learning, connection and support towards wellbeing.

Within each community, we have multiple platforms that leverage the power of many, so as to:

  • increase learning, connection and support within the community

  • create multiple opportunities for participants to contribute with their time, thoughts, resources and initiatives


We have multiple affinity-based communities that bring together participants who wish to:

  • Explore wellbeing for themselves and others they care about

  • Create a space for learning and support for one another


Presently, we have the following active communities:

  • The Wellbeing For All community is the first community in the Wellbeing Movement that brings together all interested seekers. (Meets Monthly on the first Saturday)

  • The Well@Work Lab is focused on creating an environment where employees and organisations can thrive, flourish, and be productive (Meets weekly on Wednesdays)

  • The Wellbeing Coaching Circle offers contextualised peer support and perspective to one individual at a time, through a deep listening and sharing process. (Meets weekly on Tuesdays on a need-basis)

  • The Community Weavers Circle creates a peer-learning space for participants keen on weaving communities for wellbeing. (Meets fortnightly on Thursdays)

  • The Teacher Wellbeing Community offers learning, support and connection to all teachers for their wellbeing. (Meets monthly on the first Friday)

Each community has its own spaces and meets at its own frequency. If you are interested in joining any of these groups, do contact us.



A space to cultivate practice through a daily call to action with a community of seekers. The challenges are often supported by our volunteers. To know more about ongoing challenges, subscribe to our mailing list or follow us on Instagram.


A  space for seekers to gain insights, develop skills and cultivate practice with the help of wellbeing professionals and practitioners.

Examples of previous spaces in the Nurturing Zone include ones on Unpacking Overthinking, Developing Self Compassion, Awakening Gender Consciousness, etc. To know about upcoming spaces, subscribe to our mailing list or follow us on Instagram.


An in-person or virtual, synchronous space to help wellbeing seekers expand their perspectives and feel connected to themselves and others in a safe and brave way. To know about upcoming spaces, subscribe to our mailing list or follow us on Instagram.


An asynchronous, technology-enabled space for seekers and wellbeing practitioners to exchange resources, perspectives and support and discover like-hearted people. The group is well moderate and focused strictly on personal wellbeing.  The Whatsapp group is by only referrals.


Groups and forums on our website to enable sharing across community members and engagement with resources on different themes of wellbeing. Click here to join the Participant Zone.

Our Platforms
Upcoming Spaces
Our Communties


You can choose one or more ways to stay updated on our offerings:

  • By Email: Join the Wellbeing Movement Broadcast-Only Google Group and click "Ask to Join Group" to receive one or two email notifications a month on our spaces.

  • On Social Media: Follow on Instagram. 

  • Via Whatsapp: Join the Personal Wellbeing Spaces Broadcast-Only Group to stay updated on offerings by the Wellbeing Movement and other like-hearted practitioners (by invitation only).

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