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saying a NO is saying a bigger YES

My rejections are my biggest teachers. I truly value each one of them.

Every rejection brought me closer to my self acceptance.

Each time, I had to prove myself it was a struggle, a fight...and I would lose some of myself.

Whether it was proving to my teachers, bosses, friends, colleagues, my husband or my close relatives and even to my own self, it was hugely tiring to constantly please.

I was battered and bruised until....

I learnt to say 'NO', 'ENOUGH'.

Until I saw myself in the mirror and looked within...

Until I embraced myself...embraced my whole self...

and then I rose and shined...

I spread my wings...

I let out a sigh...

and shouted out loud 'yes I can, yes I can'....

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1 commentaire

10 nov. 2021

Thank you for sharing!! The fear of being disliked and letting others down is a real one.

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