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Listening with Love #6:

Dear Community,

When I freshly began my career journey, I was thinking nothing else but what I want to achieve in terms of endeavor. But now due to survival needs, I have to divert a bit and settle for something. Now after a while of working upon something I see myself becoming more distant from what I want to achieve. So it all boils down to a question, is it even worthy enough to continue when your not connected with the purpose? What to prioritize at this point of time?


Anonymous (He/Him)

Listener #1:

The most important question here is what do you really want to achieve?

What is your purpose? From where has your purpose come?

Is it really yours(it has come from inside and based on understanding) or some kind of conditioning from the society?

Is it something that you want to go deep into and create awareness for the same? Or is it any external factor (Money, name, fame, power, etc) that you are looking to achieve?

If you are absolutely clear about the purpose that there is no external factor involved, then there is no point leaving the purpose. However if it is about some external factor which is just conditioning, you must challenge it.

Sometimes we need to take up something else temporarily inspite of being clear about the purpose. But it should be temporary only. You can pursue your purpose side by side at a slow pace.

The whole game is of clarity which is missing in majority of the cases.

What questions can you begin with? Where can you look for answers?

Listener #2:

Dear Anonymous,

You're holding a big question so I hope you're acknowledging for yourself that this can feel hard and brave and uncertain and imperative all at once. :)

I just wish we knew a little more about what your survival needs look like? Do you have support? Can you ask for help? Is your current job not serving your purpose at all? Are there any positives about your current job other than money? How bad would it be for your survival need if you took up a job that served your purpose in its fullest sense?

Assuming here that the survival need you're talking about is money, sharing with you an exercise that my therapist made me do. They got me to make a list of things I would do if money was non-existent in this world; and list of things I would do if money was there.

This helped me see my own biases about the idea of money, career and the likes. It helped me recognise the nuances of my unhealthy relationship with money.

Not saying you have the same but just in case you'd like to try out the exercise as well.

Wishing you well, Anonymous. When you look back on your life, may you remember that you have lived a life full of gardens and oceans and mountains. May you never feel the need to hurry to find answers. May you be wide awake to the myriad possibilities of life.🌸

What is your relationship with money?

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